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Questions/Answers (Last Updated: 01/06/10)

09. Hi Briley, I'm from Russia. Where are you surname from? - Anastasia
Briley: Anastasia, My surname is Italian from my dad's side. His family originally came from Italy a few generations back.

08. Congrats on the team! I was just wondering, being your an elite gymnast, do you have to cut out some of your favorite foods to stay in the pristine shape you're in? - Kody
Briley: Kody, that is such a great question. I do have a diet that I follow to stay in shape. It includes mainly fruits and veggies, and lots and lots of soup! It is hard sometimes to stick to it, especially because some of my friends can eat whatever they want to at their age or with their body types. I know it will keep me in shape to do what I love, so I do my best to stick to it.

07. Hi Briley I'm Shayla and I'm a big fan!! You're a great gymnast. I broke my arm in June [both bones in the lower arm] so I can't do gymnastics until January or February. I have to have another surgery in December too. Have you ever had surgery? I wish I were as good as you but I'm already 10 and the hardest move I could do on the trampoline before I broke my arm was a backtuck =[ What famous gymnasts have you met? Well I think your awesome! - Shayla
Briley: Shayla, thank you for the compliments. I recently broke my wrist in November (it happened from stress and over use), so I just had a screw put in my scaphoid (small part of the joint in my wrist). I will be out of competing for a while, too but continue to condition.

I have met quite a few famous gymnasts. Since I am on the National Team, we often have team meetings and a few staff members and gymnasts are current and past athletes. Some that I have met are Kathy Kelly, Nastia Liukin, Chellsie Memmel, Jana Bieger and Bridget Sloan. I am fortunate to train with other National Team members-most notably, Ivana Hong and Becca Bross. Carly Patterson also went to my gym before the 2004 Olympics so I have met her.

I hope you heal quickly. Keep working hard and reaching for your dreams!

06. Hi Briley! Can you tell me the name of your floor music and maybe post it on your website? Thanks! Love your routines! Cheers from Italy - Stefania
Briley: Stefania, the name of my FX music is 'Twenty Seven Tone.' The second I heard the tune, I fell in love with it! I'm glad you like it too. What a great idea... we will upload it on my site very soon. Thank you for your support and interest in my routines! : )

05. How do get over the fear to compete in front of alot of people? - From Natalie
Briley: I have been very lucky because I get an adrenaline rush from the crowd! I love when people are cheering and yelling my name. It is fun for me to perform for the crowd. To prepare for meets, at regular practice every day, I pretend I am in a competition. I just don't even think about people watching! I try to focus hard on each routine. At the meets, I usually picture myself in my home gym, on the equipment, doing the same, exact routines I do everyday.

04. Hi Briley, it takes great dedication and commitment to be top in any sport and more soo in gymnastics as you are. how you find time to work for charity is an inspiration. do you have a role model that helped you to have such a great community spirit and big heart?
Briley: My main role model I use for inspiration is my mom-because she was raised to give back to others in any way possible, and be of service in the community. My parents have raised me to do the same thing---make the world a better place by physically doing something-anything to help those in need. I enjoy being involved in various outreach programs to help where I can in my spare time. I would encourage all of us to do at least one charity project a year!

03. How much more amazing can you get BRILEY??!! LUVV U!! - Catherine
Briley: Thank you for the compliment, Catherine! I have more goals to reach and look forward to trying to reach them!

02. Briley, did you ever do any other sport than gymnastics? - From Decklyn
Briley: Yes! When i was 2 years old to when I was 6 I did tap and ballet classes. It was really fun and I was sad when i had to choose betweeen gymnastics and dancing.

01. Your an amazing gymnast and my idol! whats your fave skill? - From Angela
Briley: Great question! My favorite skill on vault would be yurchenko one-and-a-halfs. My favorite bars skill is dismounts. On beam, I like doing full turns with my leg ninety degrees. My favorite thing to do on floor is roundoff back-handspring double-pike. Thank you for asking.

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