Lockton Corporation Homeless Relief
November 10, 2010
In support of Lockton Corporation homeless relief efforts, Briley and Cole both purchased and prepared emergency kits for the homeless. The kits included items such as a sleeping bag, toothpaste, shaving cream, soap, shampoo, gum, lotion, hats and gloves + more. The kits will be handed out to anyone in need.

Salvation Army
November 18, 2010
Briley and her youth group participated in a wonderful service to the community through the Salvation Army. The youth served over 200 warm meals to women and children on one level and 300 men on another. Hairnets and gloves were donned by all volunteers to adhere to cleanliness standards. Various tasks were completed from table setting, preparing the food, serving and dish washing. Breakfasts and lunches were also prepared and packaged for the next day service. It was a very worthwhile and humbling experience.

United Way
November 5, 2010
Briley completed tying a blanket for the United Way in November. The blankets were donated to a children's hospital for use during the colder months.

Down Syndrome Guild Annual Picnic
April 11, 2010
Briley worked at the Down Syndrome Guild Annual Picnic. The afternoon was dedicated to working with and enjoying a fun filled game afternoon with children in the Dallas area with Down Syndrome. Everyone danced and had fun in the relays. Briley especially enjoyed the water balloon relay with new friends from the Guild.

Bowling for Kid's Sake
May 14, 2009
Briley participated in Bowling for Kid's Sake which is Big Brothers Big sisters signature fundraising event. The funds she and her team helped raised, over $1,500, went toward the program . With a century of experience in matching volunteer Bigs with children, Big Brothers Big Sisters has the model and method for making these relationships strong, fun, and happy in an effort to help make children productive.

Austin Street
January 2009
In January, Briley and many youth spent a Saturday afternoon making over 400 sandwiches, boiling 400 eggs and preparing fruit and snacks for the Austin Street Shelter in downtown Dallas. At 5:00 am the next morning, the group went down to the shelter and served the breakfast and food items to over 400 homeless in the facility. Everyone involved in the effort gains from the experience and the food items are appreciated by those in need.

Christmas Laugh-In
December 2008
Briley performed in the 3rd Act, Christmas Laugh-In. The evening was a collaboration with adults and youth. Everyone brought toys for children at Dobie Primary school. 98% of the students are from economically disadvantaged homes, so for many, the gifts the school and youth were providing is all they will receive.

Neighborhood Service Council
September 28, 2008
Briley helped paint at The Neighborhood Service Council, which assists women and children needing temporary shelter.

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